waxing services

An effective way to remove unwanted hair in unwanted places and maintain longer lasting results.


Why Wax?

Waxing is a great alternative to shaving or permanent hair removal if you have hair that you would rather not. Recommended for people of both genders and all ages, waxing is better than shaving because it removes hair from the root. Over time the hair thins and less grows back. As an added bonus, waxing exfoliates the skin as well, leaving you feeling silky smooth.

What To Expect?

Warm wax is applied to the area which then wraps around the hair, removing it directly from the root, so your skin is smooth and soft. Your skin will stay smooth depending on how quickly your hair grows back and how coarse it is. Clients usually go 2-6 weeks between waxing sessions.

The most common reason to avoid waxing is the perception that it is painful. Doing regular waxing will increase the gap in between sessions,  causes the hair bulb to weaken which makes the hair softer, finer, and easier to remove. The process of waxing becomes more comfortable and you get the great look of smooth, sexy skin without the discomfort of shaving!

It is recommended to trim your hair to ½ an inch. This rule applies to all areas.

Note: If you use Retinol based products; Acutane or Proactive; we do not recommend facial waxing.


Eye brows

Upper Lip


Eye Brows + Lip






Eye Brows + Lip + Chin

Full Face

Under Arms

Full Arms












Half Arms

Full Legs

Half Legs

Bikini Lines


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